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Christmas In France!

In France they celebrate christmas behaving a big dinner the dinner starts near 8:00 P.M and it ends near 12:00A.M,going to the church at midnight to celebrate christmas,and they also celebrate by eating thirteen desserts.In France they don't have a thanksgiving so onchristmas thats when the family gathers together. In France they also decorate their trees and houses with decorations and on christmas day they gatheraround the christmas tree and open gifts.They decorate their christmas trees with glass ornaments,angels and candy canes.

In France theyhave a santa but they call him Pere Noel he comes down the chiming and brings the children presents like in America.They put out stockings,trees, andcolorful lights outside.They also sing christmas carols at peoples doors.In France they say ''Joyeux Noel'' which means merry christmas in french.If you walkin the streets on christmas eve night you could see all the lights of christmas.They also call christmas trees'' Les Arbres De Noel.''

InFrance some people go to church at midnight to celebrate jesus on christmas day.They also call all of their family members and friends to come to theirhouses and spend christmas day with them.In France they get small presents,large presents,and sometimes candy like candy canes,mints,and another sweets.In France we celebrate christmas a lot more an they have more traditions these are just a few.Those are the most popular traditions.
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