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the composition of the new gvt was revealed on Sunday evening, after long negociations between Nicolas sarkozy and the prime minister.
The impossible equation:
It is necessary to leave a place to the centrists, without forgetting the historic sarkozystes and the heavyweight of the UMP. He also wants to maintain women's significant number and maintain diversity.

The outgoing : * Jean-Louis Borloo announced his departure from government * Eric Woerth is also given outgoing * Bernard Kouchner * The sarkozyste Christian Estrosi * Hervé Morin * The Minister of Culture, Frederic Mitterrand affected by the controversy of his book is also on the list of outgoing * Rama Yade and Fadela Amara, the ambassador of the diversity

Those who stay : * Christine Lagarde keep the economy * François Baroin should conserve the budget * Bruno Le Maire had to stay in the agriculture, quite as Georges Tron in the public service.

Those who return: * Former Prime Minister Alain Juppe inherit the defense portfolio. * Xavier Bertrand, a former minister of social affairs, find his old department.

Those who rise in rank: * One of the main changes of this government is the Valérie Pécresse's arrival to the justice, instead of Michèle Alliot-Marie, which inherit Foreign Affairs * Secretaries of State and Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet Nadine Morano get a full ministry * Luc Chatel recovers the minister of youth * Eric Besson became the new minister of Economy, finance and industry * Laurent Wauquez minister of foreign affairs and European * Nadine Morano the new minister of labour, employement and health
New names at the government: * Jeanette Bougrab, could make his entry into government as David Douille Saviano
Saviano is an Italian writer and journalist, he became famous because he describes precisely the

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