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Exportation of a Belgian product abroad


1. The company

I. Presentation

Lutosa is a small Belgian company which is specialized in transformation of potatoes to products such as frozen French fries.
Their two mains production chains in Belgium are situated in Leuze-en-Hainaut and in Vive-Saint-Éloi.

II. Historic

Lutosa was set up in 1978 under the name of SAVan de Broeke-Lutosa.
Van de Broeke’s grandfather was already in 1920 negotiator and the family get specialized since 1950 in the exportation of potatoes and ten years later, in the culture of potatoes.

From the third year, in 1981, the company established a wider range of product and invested in different machinery in their manufactures. The same year, the family introduced the new brand ofthe company into the market; Lutosa.

In 1988, Lutosa try to be responsive of the demand of the consumers. To face this demand, the company enlarged his range of product, they invested a lot of money (about 37 millions of euro) to improve the production line.

In 2002, Lutosa takes into account the sustainable development. The company buy different machinery more ecological in associationwith Electrabel.

In 2003, Lutosa celebrated its 25 years old and continued its conquest around the world.

In September 2007, the actual manager sold all shares to Pinguin Company. The company became, since 2009, SA penguin Lutosa Foods.

III. Description of the company

Designation |
Corporate name: PinguinLutosa Foods    
Legal form: S.A.
Creation date: 22 march 1978Affiliation number to CNSS: 0402.777.157

Details (head office) |
Address: 5, zone industrielle du Vieux Pont 7900 Leuze-en-Hainaut Tournai
Phone: +32 (0) 69 668 211
Fax: +32 (0) 69 668 200

Manager |
Mr. Van den Broeke Guy
Mr. Van den Broeke Luc

Business |
Lutosa: Manufacturing and sales of potatoes based product designated to human consumptionPinguin: Manufacturing and sales of frozen vegetables meals.

Commercialize product |
Food Service: Goods are destined to food industry.
Consumers: Good are selling in small and big markets, home delivery, specialized shops, etc.

Various |
In 2009, Van den Broeke-Lutosa became as a member of PinguinLutosa an S.A. PinguinLutosa Foods.
Lutosa in few numbersVolume of the production

Lutosa, this is no less than:
* 665 Workers
* 680 000 tons of potatoes
* 340 969 tons of selling product per year
* 218 852 000€ turnover per year

V. Lutosa abroad

Lutosa is located in many countries through the world such as Spain, Brazil, China, Italy or Japan.
In 2008, the company reaches 91% of its exportation volume to94 different countries thanks to subsidiaries, agent or importers-distributors.

To reach the goal which is to be present to market outside Europe, Lutosa is involve in a lot of fair in Europe and the rest of the world.

2. Choice of the exported country

I. Why South-Korea?

We found judicious to ask to Lutosa Company which country they would prefer to export now.
Lutosaconduct the proceeding over two interesting countries; United States and South-Korea.

After a deep reflection, we thought that South-Korea offer more exportations possibilities to introduce a new good. In spite of several bind due to the exportation and importation, we are forced to realize that these requirements become easier. Korean authorities try to make easier the process in order toincrease the export and import in their country. The time delivery for an importation or exportation license is now reduced and can be done online.

In contrast to United States, we estimated that this market is saturate and hard to penetrate. In the same way, FDA (Food and Drug Administration) require more specifics documents.

Furthermore, Lutosa’s marketing department put us thought a...
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