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MAC DONALD’S It is obvious to everyone that Mac Donald’s is the more famous fast-food brand throughout the world. In the first place*, if you search « Mac Donald’s » on the internet you will find Mac Donald’*s official website and *“anti-Mac Donald’s websites”*. These websites deals about the same topic: Mac Donald’s food* but they obviously each have different conception of it*. But *do you really think Mc Do’s food is so bad? *In this case, *why people are so attracted to this kind of food? *In the following paragraph we will see these two kinds of opinions: the pros and the cons. First we have to consider that Mc Donald’s is the most spread fast-food line around the world. It means that they succeed everywhere. The idea of stick to the American lifestyle has universal appeal. But in some countries, Mac Donald’s had difficulties to implant their state of mind, so their food, because of the different cultures. When the corporation understood that, they made everything to seem like they want to respect the culture. It surely explain the change of the menu in different countries, but don’t forget that it still hamburgers (ref. annexes’ files). Mac do’s marketing strategy is a part of our life because of ads. The slogan “I’m lovin it!” is known by everyone. Here’s an example of the latest multinational’s ad with a new slogan: “come as you are”. {draw:frame} This one is based on the self-confidence and on the principle of nondiscrimination I think. This ad is totally “in” if you look at the different way of dressing. Obviously this ad is successful because it catches the eye (attention) .Moreover you can see that the mc Donald’s changed the logo’s background. It is not red anymore, it’s green! It’s to show us that they care about ecology which is a burning issue. And we can note too that mc do’s food packing is made with recycled materials. {draw:frame} This second ad has two aims too. In one hand, it’s to make laugh people and on the other hand

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