Management de petites entreprises

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Chapters Introduction 3

Why did we choose the « Small Organization Management » subject? 3

What is a Small organization? 5

Comparison between a small and a big company 7

Human Resources 7

Finances 7

3. Marketing 9

4. Logistics 10

Conclusion 12

Why did we choose the « Small Organization Management » subject?

First of all, when we saw the subjects list, we directly oriented our choice to this particular subject. Easily understandable, by taking into account the 3 members of our team, we all have been involved into some students associations and even in small companies for one of us. Two of us were part of the student office last year and regarding the BDE budget, this association of 12 members is managed as a small business with a strict hierarchical organization which we ran for a year.
Moreover, some of us have ran 2 others associations and created one small company within the 3 last years which were composed of less than 10 people each.
By running those organizations, we have been able to partially perceive how to manage small organizations and we wanted to get more into the subject so that we could totally understand it.
In our mind, we think of finishing our studies by working in small businesses to be more independent and maybe to evoluate in an easier way because we all enjoyed our work time into those businesses in which we created great things, generated money, and worked in a really motivating atmosphere.
A small business can be started at a very low cost and on a part-time basis. Small business is also well suited to internet marketing because it can easily serve specialized niches, something that would have been more difficult prior to the internet revolution which began in the late 1990s. Adapting to change is crucial in business and particularly small business; not being tied to any bureaucratic inertia, it is typically easier to respond to the marketplace quickly. Small business proprietors tend to

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