Marché huile d'olive angleterre

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Case Study: Olive Oil


I- External Environment The macro-environment Slept Analysis Supply and Demand Analysis Competitors and Products Analysis (5 Strengh of Porter) Customer Analysis

II- Internal Analysis Positionning and Target Portfolio of activities (BCG Matrix) Position of the brand on the Market Targeting Marketing Mix III- Synthesis: SWOT Analysis
Market opportunities

IV- Marketing Plan Positionning and Target Produc/Market Objectives and Goals V- Entry Strategies for the UK Market Entry Mode possibilities Entry Mode Chosen Recommandations

I- External Environment

The macro-environment World olive oil market

The production of olive oil exists since a very long time in the countries of the South of Europe and Mediterranean countries. The food preparation with olive oil comes from those countries and use to be one of the main ingredient of their alimentation.
As a result, the production of olive oil in these countries is about 79% of the world's production. Spain, Italy and Greece just account for themselves 97% of the European production and 77% of the world's production. After the Eurropean countries, Africa has a real good place in the market particularly Tunisia, Turkey and Marrocco. Since a couple of years with the increasing demand on the market some countries like in the Asian continent (7% of the world's production) with Japan and Australia start to produce their proper olive oil.

Since its creation, the consumption of olive oil has always been concentrated in the producer countries. Thus, the main importers of olive oil are Spain and Italy which need to import to satisfied the consumption even if they are the first producers. After comes the USA, Japan, Australia, Brazil, and Canada. All of these countries imports are 82% of the total (COI, 2004).
Concerning the exports, the principal characters are since 2004: Italy

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