Marketing and newspaper

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Newspaper and Marketing

The underlying question that seems the most relevant to me, is why and how is marketing becoming more and more essential in the paper press? It seems interesting to think of some eventual reasons for that and study the trend, to have an idea of what is going on.

I. Why

1) The media convergence

Radio and television have always been great competitors for Newspapers in the business of selling information and entertainment. The Internet is a another strong competitor that contains the three of them: Radio, television and online newspaper granting online and ontime information! Moreover, the internet is now available on a smartphone. Not mentioning the free newspapers that make the situation a bit more complicated. As a result, the paper press of the starting XXI century has to face four competitors with different strengths that are all merging and converging. For this reason the marketing strategy involved is very important, in order to remain competitive in the long run. The strategy has been rethought to adapt and it will go on evolving. It is essential for the paper’s survival to know the market and its target which is being harder and harder to spot -considering that people reading the news on the internet can’t be identified so easily- for instance. Yet, the papers remain of great importance for people who travel a lot and use their precious time in the plane to keep informed. That is an example of a special need for which the paper base is essential, not mentioning starting fires, (good luck with your smartphone).

2) The Green Influence?

The trend is to protect the environment, had we woken up earlier on, the situation wouldn’t be so disastrous. This also has a bad impact, -which is light so far, but who knows?- on the paper press. Is it very “ecofriendly” to buy newspapers to read information that we could find on the internet without using printed paper and cutting trees?! Then again,

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