Marketing and sales in btob- nespresso/accor

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Advanced Marketing and Sales in Business to Business Individual project


1/ Introduction and presentation

(P. 2)

a) b) c) d)

The industry (P. 2) The company (P. 2) The products (P. 2) The Key Account (P. 3)

2/ Selection and development of the Key Account


a) Selection of the Key Account (P.4) b) Development stages of the relationship and organizational considerations, human factors (P.4) c) Considerations about the future (P.5)

3/ Development of the CRM system in BtoB environment (P.6)

a) Business objectives (P.6) b) Expectations from the new CRM system to come (P.6) c) Problems and solutions regarding the development of this system (P.6)

4/ Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) (P.7)

a) Evaluation of the CLV of this Key Account (P.7) b) Of the entire Customer base (P.8)

In 2006, the two main importing countries are the USA and Germany which combine more than 40% of the global importations amount. Then come Japan, Italy and France with 6, 34%. However, among the top 15 consuming countries in 2002, Europe holds always the 11 first places. With four Nordic countries on top the list, Norway with 10.7 kg per capita per year, 10.1 kg Finland, Denmark and Sweden 9.7 kg 7.8 kg. France reached only the 10th position just ahead of Italy with 3.9 kg.

An efficient market in France Even if since several years trend is downward for consumption by volume, the coffee is still one of the first grocery markets. In 2007, 91.6% of French households have been buyers. On average, French spent 48.81 Euros for their coffee per household and per year. With 1.16 billion Euros in 2007, the turnover of the market (up to 3.3% more compared to 2006) confirms the attractiveness and prosperity of the product. An apparently paradoxical performance, but justified by innovative and qualitative initiatives which were developed by industrials in order to meet French expectations and stimulate consumption.

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