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Integrated Marketing Communication Plan:


Sport wear market is one of the most competitive environments to do business. More than 264 companies compete on this market with a wide range ofdifferent products each targeting and appealing a specific group of people.

In France the market of sport clothes and materials represents a turnover around 9.1 billion Euros. The main part of themarket is leading by the specialised stores which share 7 billion Euros. The main stores are Decathlon, Intersport, Go Sport, Sport 2000 and Foot Locker. They account for more than 80% of the turnoverof specialised stores. This figure has to be compared to the global expenses of French people in sport which represents an amount of more than 18 billion Euros. The expenses for clothes is dividedbetween clothes and shoes, respectively more than 3.7 billion Euros and more than 44 million of shoes for a turnover of around 2 billion Euros. Just quick report about the worldwide market, it is abusiness of more than 240 billion dollars with the split between North America and Europe respectively involved for 45% and 30% of the global sales. Asia is the third market with around 20% of market sharebut it is a fast growing area, with famous local brand like Li Ning, a Chinese market leader, which tries to enter at the end of the last year the US market investing 10 million dollars. In terms ofcompanies,

Moreover the most famous sport in France is the Soccer with 2 056 684 sport members. The explosion of membership with the World cup won in 1998 and the European cup in 2000 had stimulatea sport which used to be the most famous one in France.

The market trends are also very optimistic for that business because sport is totally part of the French way of life. The trend, since lessthan a decade, tends to have a healthy life. This is related to the food people used to eat, the rhythm at word and at home and of course the practise of sport. French people use to be also multi...
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