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Market research


1- Introduction

2- Analysis of the market

a. Cookware and recession
b. Interest in cooking on increase
c. Who buys what ?
d. Supermarkets: the place or purchase
e. Growth yet to come

3- Porter’s forces

4- PEST analysis

5- Analysis of the costumer

f. Segmentation and Targeting
g. SWOT6- Conclusion

1- Introduction

For our group project, this year, we decided to get interested in the
Cookware market, and especially in the sauce pan market.

Today more than before, people want to cook at home easily and quickly. We therefore conducted a brainstorming within the group in this way in order to find the kitchen utensil revolutionary as possible.

We agreed on aninnovation to make on a simple sauce pan.
The goal: to integrate a system of a strainer into a sauce pan, allowing it to perform the two services

Our pan will be design of two regularly drilled plates. One of the two plates will be removed.


When the holes of the two plates are not opposite, the pan will be use as a true single pan. One you have finished cooking your rice orpasta, you just press a button that will move the insert. Then the holes will end up facing each other, which will transform the pan onto a strainer.

Our strainer pan is also designed in Innovation materials, allowing for better heat distribution. This will allow the user to reduce its consumption of energie to boil water.

2- Analysis of the market

Cookware and recession

Our product isgoing to evolve in the cookware market, and will be address to the consumer market.
The recession had a significant impact on the expenditure of each household and especially on household goods spending. But this decline didn’t affect the cookware market. The general trend shows that people have rather sought to reduce their spending as they cook themselves rather than dining out. Thus, the marketfor small utensils in food preparation, suffered much less than furniture or major appliance.
Overall, the cookware market, increase by 9% between 2004 and 2009 (worth £ 476 million), despite a 1% decline in 2009.

The cookware markets are objects that recur regularly, but the current trend is rather preserved its old things for economic reason.
The sale of kitchen utensils is also directlylinked to the housing market and a household will tend to spend more to equip the kitchen if they move house. The fall of the real estate market is partly the cause of the observed decrease of 1% in 2009.

Market for cookware , at current and constant 2009 prices, 2004-14

Interest in cooking on the increase

A key factor in the renewedinterest in cooking has been the celebrity chefs’ influence and the multitude of TV show about food and how to cook. People increasingly want to cook anymore what to drive sales of kitchen utensils.
We can observe a multitude of new products on the market, which offers a wide choice to consumers. The main objective is to develop differentiated products in increasingly innovative.

Who buys what ?Consumers looking for the best price when buying cookware, but they primarily look to the quality of the product. Even if half of the consumer compares the different offers before investing and a quarter awaits balances, 37% of them prefer to spend more for a better quality product that will last longer. And only 5% purchased cheaper without worrying about quality.Supermarkets: the place or purchase

All the products are generally represented in the supermarket. There are top brands and a greater choice of retailer own-brand, with prices and quality ranging from low end to the professional product.
Four, out of ten, cookware are bought in a supermarket.

Leading companies in the cookware market and their brands, January 2010 (Mintel)

Growth yet to...
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