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Team No.07: Nguyễn Hữu Hoàn
Trần Thị Hồng
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Task: Study the background of the case unit 2. Study the questions listed in pages 20 then make a list ofsuggestions Zumospa’s global marketing strategy. Present the reason for such suggestions.
Maketing strategy for Zumospa
Case study: Zumo – creating a global brand
Company | Zumospa |
Activity | Food anddrink |
Based in | Valencia, Spain |
History | Developed nationally, then globally, with acquisitions worldwide |
Methods | Inovative advertising and marketing; careful selection of products;marketing round the world |
Products | Many food and drink products, household names |
| | |
Sales | : | € 30 millions, 20% of Zumospa’s total sales |
Profit | : | € 4.5 million |
PositionZumospa’s product portfolio | : | Cash cow |
Ambitions | : | To make Zumo a global brand |
We can expect some issues such as an antipathy based on culture against our product for the fact that theoriginal area of production is Spain. Additionally, we can expect an Entry Barriers from the existing market on each country. Hiding our Spain-making original images thoroughly and putting entirelynew value into actual product are most important strategy we will proceed on. After that we will firmly focus on preparing the foundation and making the target layers, senior people, to get loyalty toour product.
We will discard old perspectives towards the markets, especially when we expand our services or products to international market which have different cultural foundations. Secondly, wecan accumulate strong relationships between products and customers by localizing product to the culture. In this regard we can lead international marketing campaign as a successful case by selectingspecific target layers and using effective promotion routes.
* Even though Zumospa has been going well in Spain, if we go and run a business with the same brand name "Zumo" and similar image to...
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