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The BCG account

In 1975, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) presented the British government its final report: Strategy Alternatives for the British Motorcycle Industry. This 120-page document identified two key factors leading to the British demise in the world’s motorcycle industry:

1. Market share loss and profitability declines.
2. Scale economy disadvantages in technology, distribution and manufacturing.

Le compte BCG

En 1975, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) a présenté au gouvernement britannique son rapport final: Stratégie Alternatives pour l'industrie britannique de la motocyclette. Ce document de 120 pages a identifié deux facteurs clés ayant mené à la disparition en Colombie-industrie de la motocyclette dans le monde:

1. perte de part de marché et la baisse de la rentabilité.
2. inconvénients économie d'échelle dans la technologie, la distribution et de fabrication.

During the period 1959 to 1973, the British share of the US motorcycle industry had dropped from 49 per cent to 9 per cent. Introducing BCG’s recommended strategy (of targeting market segments where sufficient production volumes could be attained to be price-competitive) the report states:

Au cours de la période de 1959 à 1973, la part britannique de l'industrie de la moto des États-Unis a chuté de 49 pour cent à 9 pour cent. Présentation de la stratégie recommandée par le BCG (à hauteur de cibler des segments de marché où les volumes de production suffisants pourraient être atteints à des prix compétitifs), le rapport indique :

The success of the Japanese manufacturers originated with the growth of their domestic market during the 1950s. As recently as 1960, only 4 percent of Japanese motorcycle production was exported. By this time, however, the Japanese had developed huge production volumes in small motorcycles in their domestic market, and volume-related cost reductions had followed. This resulted in a highly competitive cost position which the Japanese used as

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