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Merchandising Techniques
Dublin Sales Mission Contribution

Preparatory Work in Belgium

Team Members Dublin product: marie papote soaps…………………………… 1. Delphine Binard 2. Joey Dewulf 3. Jimmy Kirkpatrick 4. Auriane Richard 5. Aurélie Woitrin

One wants to open a retail outlet and reference this product in his product range. He needs your help in order to make a good decision about ❑ choosing the best possible range of products, ❑ stocking, displaying and selling the best possible quantity of products ❑ fixing the best possible prices ❑ and making as much profit as he can.

As a merchandiser, you are asked to check and analyse how this type of product is being displayed in competitive points of sales. This is the purpose of this project. Please, visit the different points of sales imposed, note everything you’ll be likely to witness and draw your conclusions. Take advantage of the Christmas sales to make your analysis.

The different points of sales that must be visited and taken into account are as follows: 1. a supermarket of your choice (Delhaize, Carrefour …). 2. a (hard) discounter of your choice (Lidl, Aldi, Makro…). 3. a normal retail outlet of your choice. 4. a specialised shop referencing this type of product.

Try all the different challenges and note as many details as possible. Take pictures if possible and/or any promotional documentation.

← Make a quick and short description of the customers.

|shop 1 |shop 2 |shop 3 |shop 4 |
|(Aldi) |(city Delhaize) |(Yves Rocher) |(Lush) |
|- Customers with the meanest budget. |- The

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