Million dollar baby (exposé)

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I’m going to introduce this movie that was realized by Clint Eastwood .The screenplay (scenario) comes from short stories written by F.X Toole and called “Rope Burns”.
Firstly, I’ll present the plot, then the cast. I’ll carry on the presentation of my favorite scene,

I- The plot
As you can see on this dvd, the plot is standing into the boxing world. (But the aim of the movie is not to only show fights.)
Frankie Dunn is a great trainer with many years of experience but he’s about to lose one of his best fighters to another manager. He runs a dilapidated boxing gym in downtown L.A, and is helped by his friend Scrap who used to be a great boxer.
One day, a poor woman, Maggie Fitzgerald, from the very lower classes and with a very dysfunctional loser family, approaches Frankie and asks him to be her trainer. He firstly refuses because he doesn’t want to train a girl ,who is in some respects (in addition) too old for him to become a champion. But thanks to her determination and her enthusiasm, he finally accepts to train her temporarily.
This is the beginning of the great story, full of victories and feelings between these two characters.
I won’t talk about the story anymore for people who have never watched this movie, because the end is too unexpected.

II- The cast
All the movie turns around three main characters played by three famous actors:
Clint Eastwood who is a famous film actor, director, producer and composer plays Frankie Dunn.
Hilary Swank is Maggie Fitzgerald. She is a famous actress that you may have seen in PS I Love You, the Black Dahlia, or the Resident.
Morgan Freeman is Scrap. He is an American actor that everyone knows. He has been playing in movies since the 60’s. Lately, you may have seen him playing god in Bruce almighty (2003), in Danny the Dog (2005), in Batman Begins (2005), the Dark Knight (2008), Invictus (2009), and in 2010 in Red. You’ll see him in The Dark Knight rises in 2012.

III- The

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