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During the last few years, we started noticing an incredible increase in the number of European citizens traveling to Asia for work; one of the most common destinations has always been Singapore, probably because of its modern lifestyle and fast-growing economy, making it the center of attraction for workers from all around the world. The European Union noticed huge cultural differences between Asians and Europeans, and that is why they asked our company to open a center, whose job would be training people to work in multicultural teams. Given the difficulty of this project, The European Union decided to subsidize our center and collaborate with famous institutions, including the Harvard Business School. Why Singapore? Singapore’s choice was not random at all, quite the opposite. The republic of Singapore is the world’s forth leading financial centre and occupies a major role in international trade and finance. The city’s port in one of the five busiest ports in the world, and it has a diverse population of Chinese, Malays, Indians and other various descents. More than 42% of the population in Singapore is foreigners, and around 50% of the workers there are not Singaporeans. Most of the countries have 1 or 2 official language(s), but Singapore has got 4: English, Malay, Chinese and Tamil. The economy is very prospering in Singapore, competitive and innovative, making it one of the Fours Asian Tigers and the world’s fourth largest foreign exchange centre after London, NY and Tokyo. Adding to that, their economy is considered as the most business-friendly economy in the world, which encourages hundreds of thousands of foreign expatriates to choose Singapore as their workplace. Besides economy, Singapore is a popular travel destination for more than 10 million visitors each year, and it also maintains diplomatic relations with 175 countries, in particularly the European nations. Interesting facts: -Population:

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