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I lived in DC for 10 years before I just moved in Virginia, and I can tell how much this capital and even the country changed, Barack Obama broughta big change to America, he’s young and that makes our country feeling better especially because he is really engaged on his job.

When he decidedto run for president in 2008, I knew he could go very far, but unfortunately, I always thought he couldn’t make it, I was wrong, this day wasamazing.

Being a foreigner in this country, I am so proud to have an African American President.

Sharley Williams - Washington DC

I am fromIllinois. few years ago, when Barack Obama was still a senator, He was already very determinates to move forward and change the country.

I think he madesomething new not only in the United States but also in the whole world because he’s fascinating people everywhere.

I was on the National mallduring his Inauguration, I never felt anything like this in my life people were cheering, He is the new Martin Luther King for many people, this daywas just so different for all of us.

Kurt Williams, Washington DC

I am now living in the United States, I am so grateful to see how much theAmerican people are still glad to have Barack Obama as President,

In my country the TV was always talking about him, everybody wanted him to be thenext President of the United States of America because he’s the new generation for young people.

He’s changing the country and also the world.
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