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Q1) why did American films and television dominate world markets? Why might that influence be fading?

The dominance of American films and television over the world markets is merely because of the unequal flow of films, music , television , news and the information, this unbalanced flow of information is however one of the main noticeable reason of the existing dominance of American films and television over world markets today.

American films are influential because they are usually made to appeal to large immigrant audience through a universal and entertainment – oriented style, which makes it simpler for diverse international audiences to accept these films, and hence making them have more authority and control over world markets.

Apart from the American films, the production of U.S television programs which also take power over the world market, by the MPAA (motion picture association of America), which gives U.S the benefit of an existing international distribution structure. The various different measures and techniques of Hollywood film producers used, Is what makes the American television also very outstanding. Moreover many other countries around the world found that showing American television programs was much cheaper than the cost of local production, and provided an easy situation to filing schedules, although U.S programs are increasingly expensive they sometimes are not cheaper than the local productions in some countries.

Nonetheless slowly the influence of American films and televisions might be slipping because of the technology costs for television production which are declining and consequently the experience in producing shows increasing is helping people in other countries to make their own shows. Furthermore once other countries develop television genres that are popular at home and in nearby cultural- linguistic markets, audiences tend to prefer the local programs, and companies now export formats to the United

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