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Le Poème de Parménide
I The steeds that bear me carried me as far as ever my heart Desired, since they brought me and set me on the renowned Way of the goddess, who with her own hands conducts the man who knows through all things. On what way was I borne 5 along; for on it did the wise steeds carry me, drawing my car, and maidens showed the way. And the axle, glowing in the socket - for it wasurged round by the whirling wheels at each end - gave forth a sound as of a pipe, when the daughters of the Sun, hasting to convey me into the light, threw back their veils I Les cavales qui m’emportent au gré de mes désirs, se sont élancées sur la route fameuse de la Divinité, qui conduit partout l’homme instruit; c’est la route que je suis, c’est là que les cavales exercées I

[5] entraînent lechar qui me porte. Guides de mon voyage, les vierges, filles du Soleil, ont laissé les demeures de la nuit et, dans la lumière, écartent les voiles qui couvraient leurs fronts. Dans les moyeux, l’essieu chauffe et jette son cri strident sous le double effort des roues qui tournoient

Ἵπποι ταί µε φέρουσιν, ὅσον τ΄ ἐπἱ θυµὸς ἱκάνοι, πέµπον, ἐπεί µ΄ ἐς ὁδὸν βῆσαν πολύφηµον ἄγουσαι δαίµονος, ἣκατὰ πάντ΄ ἄστη φέγει εἰδότα φῶτα· τῇ φερόµην· τῇ γάρ µε πολύφραστοι φέρον ἵπποι [5]ἅρµα τιταίνουσαι, κοῦραι δ΄ ὁδὸν ἡγεµόνευον. Ἄξων δ΄ έν χνοίῃσιν ἵει σύριγγος ἀυτήν αἰθόµενος - δοιοῖς γὰρ ἐπείγετο δινωτοῖσιν κύκλοις ἀµφοτέρωθεν -, ὅτε σπερχοίατο πέµπειν Ἡλιάδες κοῦραι, προλιποῦσαι δώµατα Νυκεός, [10] εἰς φάος, ὠσάµεναι κράτων ἄπο χερσὶ καλύπτρας. Ἔνθα πύλαι Νυκτός τε καὶ Ἤµατός εἰσι κελεύθων, καί σφαςὑπέρθυρον ἀµφὶς ἔχει καὶ λάινος οὐδός· αὐταὶ δ΄ αἰθέριαι πλῆνται µεγάλοισι θυρέπροις· τῶν δὲ Δίκη πολύποινος ἔχει κληῖδας ἀµοιϐούς. [15]Τὴν δὴ παρφάµεναι κοῦραι µαλακοῖσι λόγοισιν πεῖσαν ἐπιφράδέως, ὥς σφιν βαλανωτὸν ὀχῆα ἀπτερέως ὤσειε πυλέων ἄπο· ταὶ δὲ θυρέτρων χάσµ΄ ἀχανὲς ποίησαν ἀναπτάµεναι πολυχάλκους ἄξονας ἐν σύριγξιν ἀµοιϐαδὸν εἰλίξασαι [20]γόµφοις καὶ περόνῃσιν ἀρηρότε· τῇ ῥα δί αὐτέωνἰθὺς ἔχον κοῦραι κατ΄

10 from off their faces and left the abode of Night. There are the gates of the ways of Night and Day, fitted above with a lintel and below with a threshold of stone. They themselves, high in the air, are closed by mighty doors, and Avenging Justice keeps the keys that open them. Her did

[10] de chaque côté, cédant à l’élan de la course impétueuse. Voici la porte des cheminsdu jour et de la nuit, avec son linteau, son seuil de pierre, et fermés sur I’éther ses larges battants, dont la Justice vengeresse tient les clefs pour ouvrir et fermer.

15 the maidens entreat with gentle words and skilfully persuade to unfasten without demur the bolted bars from the gates. Then, when the doors were thrown back, they disclosed a wide pening, when their brazen hinges swungbackwards in the 20 sockets fastened with rivets and nails. Straight through them, on the broad way, did the maidens guide the horses and the

[15] Les nymphes la supplient avec de douces paroles et savent obtenir que la barre ferrée soit enlevée sans retard; alors des battants elles déploient la vaste ouverture et font tourner en arrière les gonds garnis d’airain

[20] ajustés à clous et àagrafes; enfin par la porte elles font entrer tout droit les cavales et le char.

car, and the goddess greeted me kindly, and took my right hand in hers, and spake to me these words: Welcome, noble youth, that comest to my abode on the car 25 that bears thee tended by immortal charioteers ! It is no ill chance, but justice and right that has sent thee forth to travel on this way. Far, indeed, does itlie from the beaten track of men ! Meet it is that thou shouldst learn all things, as well the unshaken heart of persuasive truth, as the opinions of

La Déesse me reçoit avec bienveillance prend de sa main ma main droite et m’adresse ces paroles: « Enfant, qu’accompagnent d’immortelles conductrices, [25] que tes cavales out amené dans ma demeure, sois le bienvenu; ce n’est pas une...
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