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Once upon a time, I met you; you were to me a person like the others. A boy who has problems, who’s lost, who doesn’t know anymore how to behave with others; those who having fun of him!!! You opened the conversation, by asking me: “How do you do?” I answered: “I’m fine, you know just problems, and it is live what we could do?” At this moment I felt you, you seems like you’re gone to explose. So I asked you, if you could talk, open your heart to me, to tell me what’s going on with you. And that what happen. You begun to give me love, to make me the ‘’one ‘’ in your life, as well helping me to rescue in this life; to be proud of who I am whenever and wherever I go!! Thank you!!
And so I became your best friend. Days after you wrote in your P.M: “new girl=new life” Me so curious I asked: “ So you’re in love with a girl and you didn’t tell me??? Who is this mysterious and lucky girl?” You answered with a lot of fear: “You’d know later. I gone to send you a message to night.” And this girl was me !!! I was too mean, I couldn’t believe how was I soo selfish and mad that time with you. I’M SOO SORRY!!! At this time I was thinking that you are the one that I have to talk with everyday about everything and nothing. Later we fought for a stupid stuff, that for it I‘d lose you. So I implored the lord above us, God to make you back to me because if not, I’ll lose my self again! So I understood that me too, I am in love with you.
Recently I came to morocco, everything changed. But the most important is that I love you every day more than the past! I don’t know where this love gone bring us?!
For the moment, I’m bagging the lord above us to keep you to me and never take you away of my life, because I realize every day more than the past that I just don’t love you , but I need you, I worship you . I think from all what I did to you from the first till today isn’t that simple and nice. I’m till this second bad with you and you, you still love me. Even to night I feel like

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