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What are the qualifications required to be a good employee?

An employee is a people who work against some money. He's not his own leader, he work inevitably supervised by a chef.The employee work on an administration, on an office, on a business or at a private individual. But what are the qualification required to be a good employee?

First, the thing veryimportant for be a good employee is his performance. Indeed the employee has to make his work in deadline asked by his boss, and he has to have a good productivity. Briefly he has tobe a hard worker. If an enployee is performant (if he has all this qualitys), it's allready a good point for him and he could be reward by his boss but is not enough for be the bestemployee.

Secondly, is very important to, for be a good emplyee, to be ponctual. He has to arrive on time in the work even few minutes early and have least of possible absence. Anemployee who are not ponctual will not be respect by his boss.

Thirdly, I was just talking about, the respect for his company or his boss. Indeed the employee has to respect hisboss listen him and obey him, he has to be honest, polite and correct (with everybody; clients, colleagues,boss...). He has to have a professional spirit, sense of the responsibilities,he has to be serious, don't distract his colleagues in the working hours but he has to have a spirit of the work in team. So if he respect the others he can respect himself.

Thesuccess, to be the best employee, rests on the performance, the ponctuality and the respect for others. If an employee doesn't possess these qualities, then he will not be respect inreturn, not rewarded for his work and will not climb levels. It is hard to be a good employee but it is very important for the rest of his life.

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