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Country Analysis

Selected country : Spain

Generals informations :

Continent: Europe
Capital: Madrid
Language: Spanish, Catalan, Galician, Basque
Population: 47 million in2010, 12% of immigrants
Government: Parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy
EU accession : 1st January 1986
GDP: 1.395 trillion $
Human developed index: 0.955 ( Very highCurrency: Euro €

SLEPT Analysis:

Social Factors:

Languages : Spanish, Catalan, Galician, Basque


Social organization: Different rhythm of the day and night life:The long and split working days in Spain gives us so few leisure time.
People used to hang out al lot during the night, drinking in bars for example more thant in every other Europeancountry.

Legal Factors:
European laws ( EU ( No frontier between EU country, No taxes
Easy to do business with America Latina (Social link)

Economic Factors:

The recession is about towind down during 2010.
Only foreign trade has been trading up. Good point for us.

Corporate payment behavior : Getting critic since 2007 2008:
- Region affected more :catalonia, Valencia, Madrid and andalucia.



Politic Factors:

- Government is quite stable it is a Parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy
- Thegovernment does not influence laws that concern business in Spain. Because of the EU Business law. (Except for this year because Spain is now the president of the EU.)
- Governmentinvolves trading agreement.
- Government needs foreign investment because of its critic situation. In fact It is one the PIGS.

That is what we need also: DEMOGRAPHICS

* Residentialpopulation > 45,000 w/in 2 miles
* Daytime employment > 15,000 w/in 2 miles
* Median household income $50,000-$75,000
* Average age less than 38
* Strong vehicle and foot traffic
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