Présentation entreprise orange (anglais)

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I . I have been studying a personal assistant BTS in sandwich course since the twenty of July two thousand and nine
First, I will introduce my company then I will talk about one of mine situation of communication.
I. The company
The company I have been working for since twenty of July is called “Orange Business Services”
The firm is located in Toulouse, near to Jolimont and sells telecommunication’s solution to companies.
There are approximately 100 employees on this site: salesmen and project managers who manage the installation with the customer.
= Il y a environ 100 employés sur le site: des vendeurs et des chefs de projets qui s’occupent de l’installation de la ligne chez le client.
In fact he firm is divided into 2 branches in this company. In fact, there are salesman on the first hand and who sale the solution and project managers in other hand who manage the installation.
I found the company thanks to my steps In fact; in despite of help of IGS, I wanted to do my research in order to avoid waste of time.
= J’ai trouvé l’entreprise par mes propres moyens. En effet, en plus de l’aide de l’IGS, j’ai voulu faire mes recherches de mon côtés afin d’éviter de perdre du temps.
II. My job
My company is situated in 15 minutes from my home that is 12 km.
Indeed, I am geographically situated between the IGS and my company.
I make every morning my movements with my personal car in order to not to depend on public transportation.
My contract of employment defines 7 working hours per day. I begin the morning between 08:30 am and 09:30 am and finished in the evening between 4:30 pm and 5:30 pm.
However, I remain sometimes later according to the amount of work.
= Mon entreprise se situe à 15 minutes de chez moi soit 12 km.
En effet, je suis située géographiquement entre l'IGS et mon entreprise.
J'effectue chaque matin mes déplacements avec ma voiture personelle afin de ne pas dépendre des transports en commun.
Mon contrat de travail définit 7 heures de

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