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Sega picks UK MD after restructure
By Robert Lester Sega of Europe has promoted Gary Knight to director of marketing following a reshuffle that has also resulted in the launch of a separate UK division. Former director of marketing Matt Woodley has taken on the new worldwide role of creative director. Sales director Alan Pritchard has been promoted to managing director of the new UK unit. Knight, who was previously head of European marketing, will oversee all marketing at Sega Europe, but UK marketing manager Tina Hicks will reportdirectly to Pritchard as UK managing director Knight says: "The UK and Europe were covered hy the same people, hut we have grown quickly The UK is our higgest territory and having a separate UK division will give us extra focus," Sega will also l a u n c h a dedicated mobile games division in the coming weeks to work with network operators and develop 3G content through its own portal. The Japanese company has grown as a publishing force in Europe and the US in the past two years, having previously been a console producer In January, it poached Hornby group marketing director Simon Jeffery to become president and chief operating officer at Sega of America (^WW January 27).

Sega: Reorganising marketing

Marconi: Effectively put up for saie

Marconi in crisis over missing deal
Marketers at Marconi are facing an uncertain future after the beleaguered telecoms equipment maker failed to win a role in BT's ElOhn network revamp. The company was effectively put up for sale last week following BT's d e c i s i o n to hand the

work to eight overseas rivals, Marconi warned this week that job losses are likely A spokesman says the sales and marketing department could he among those affected. The company employs 4,500 people in the UK and as many as 2.000 jobs are thought to he at risk. Marconi's senior marketer is chief marketing officer Martin Harriman. Marconi's share price fell almost 50 per cent last week, when BT told the company it

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