Procter and gamble

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1946 Tide, "the washing miracle," was introduced. Tide incorporated a new formula that cleaned better than anything currently on the market. Its superior performance at a reasonable price made Tide the country's leading laundry product by 1950.
1948 Neil H. McElroy assumed leadership of P&G.

P&G began operating in Mexico--its first subsidiary in Latin America. The Overseas Division was created to manage the Companies growing business outside of the United States.
1952 A new research facility, Miami Valley Laboratories (MVL), opened in Cincinnati. MVL was the Company's first facility dedicated solely to upstream research. 1954 The Company began operations in continental Europe by leasing a small plant in Marseilles, France, from the Fournier-Ferrier Company, a detergent manufacturer.
Crest, the first toothpaste with fluoride clinically proven to fight cavities, was introduced. Crest sales skyrocketed in 1960 when The American Dental Association recognized it as "The decay-preventive dentifrice." The ADA awarded Crest their Seal of Approval in 1964. 1960 P&G GmbH opened its first office in Frankfurt, Germany, with 15 employees. Three years later, Germany's first plant in Worms began production of Fairy cleaning powder and Dash laundry detergent.

Downy, P&G's first fabric softener, was introduced.

1963 P&G entered the coffee business with the acquisition of Folgers Coffee. The European Technical Center opened in Brussels to serve Common Market subsidiaries. Ariel was developed there in 1967. 1973 The Company began manufacturing and selling P&G products in Japan through the acquisition of the Nippon Sunhome Company. The new company was called Procter & Gamble Sunhome Co. Ltd.
1974 Ed Harness was elected to head the

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