Quels sont polluant sont dues les pluies acides et quelles sont leur consequence sur lenvironnement

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Enron was an energy company which became the world’s largest energy trading society. “The smartest guys in the room” is a documentary which tells the story of the rise and fall of this company. The movie analyzes the collapse of Enron by several sources of information. Furthermore, in order to explain clearly the Enron story to people who do not have financial and markets skills, the documentary used different kind of elements. Indeed the movie directors have used TV News, extracts of the trial, corporate documents and employees’ interviews. Those elements give to the movie a more serious aspect, for instance the employees’ interviews make the documentary more authentic. The other aim of this documentary was also to entertain people to reach as broad an audience as possible. Thus, the movie has used entertaining with nicknames, music with ironical lyrics and even gossip to attract people. This documentary is a mix between serious facts and elements of a soap opera as gossip.
To my mind those kinds of documentaries could be interesting and useful to understand elements you do not master the subject. By a simple vocabulary, interviews and a lot of examples, those documentaries help people to understand the situation the movie is about. Nevertheless these kinds of documentaries should not be the only source of information. Actually they are not enough biased due to a lack of an objective presentation of the facts. For example in “The smartest guys in the room” there is only one side view of the facts as we did not get the point of view of the people accused by only employees one. To have a real knowledge of the facts of any kind of situation people should get information through several sort of media and not only TV News but also newspaper articles. It is the best way to have a biased judgment of the situation. I think people should have their own point of view that is why they should not follow or believe only one source of information.

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