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From May 17th till July 2nd, 2010, I made internship within the Ecole des mines de Saint-Etienne. During this work experience within communication department (called DREC), I was more particularly able to be interested in the event management.

Indeed this internship has given me the opportunity to understand the long term, the organization of an event in which various actorsare involved. To enrich my knowledge in communication, this internship allowed me to become aware of what was really the life in a company.

Brief description of the company and the progress of the internship/
My work experience in the DREC consisted essentially of the organization of a colloquium on engineer's training in apprenticeship.
My internship supervisors were respectively, the Head ofthe communication department and the person in charge of School Events & Projects, so that I was able to learn in excellent conditions.

The elaboration of this report has for main source the various learning points get by the daily practice of tasks to which I was allocated. Finally, the numerous conversations with the employees of the various services of the company allowed me to givecoherence to this report

The School, founded in 1816, is one of the most prestigious engineering schools in France,
ranked in the top 10 graduate school of engineering.Member of the Group of Écoles des Mines(French engineering schools) ( GEM ), under the supervision of the Ministry of the Economy, Finances and the Employment, the ENSM-SErepresents among the most prestigious engineering schools of France, in the main platoon of the non-specialized engineering schools.
Dedicated to the training of high-level engineers and to the directed search(research) industry, its mission is to accompany the development of his(her) students and companies through a wide range of programme and domains of research. It evolves in a very developedinternational context and participates in numerous exchanges and university and industrial partnerships on the various continents.
Ranked as one of the top graduate school of engineering in the country, the ENSM.SE is a prestigious establishment drawing its student intake from a competitive national examination and international recruitment.

The school in figures:
• 477 students civil engineersof mines (ICM)
• 210 students engineers specialized in microelectronic, IT and new technologies ( ISMIN)
• 42 students in specialized Master's degree
• 625 learners in engineers' training under salaried status by alternation or apprenticeship (industrial engineering and genius of the nuclear installations)
• 410 staffs: 62 % scientists, 18 % techniques, 20 % administrative • 16 themesof research
• 8,2 M € of contracts of research / year
• 415 publications and communications / year in scientific journals among which 170 in magazines
• And more than 50 international agreements in 20 different countries
• 78 partnerships with schools or foreign universities
The École des Mines(French engineering school) of Saint-Etienne employs 410people who are divided into services, delegations, departments and research centers, all supervised by the rector of the school: Philippe Jamet
List of departments and services:
-Financial service
-Legal service
-Personnel department
-IT service
-General services
-Service of the schooling
-Department upstream relation
-Management of the training
-Delegation in the internationalrelations
-Head office
-Communication department

As a "Grande École" which trains engineers and researchers, the ENSM-SE has structured its research along the following areas:

Materials engineering based on shaping procedures, corrosion problems, biomaterials, ceramics and materials mechanics.

Process engineering based on physical and chemical processes using powders, focusing on sensors...
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