Recit de vie d'un pilot

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For 10 years, the WWII in Europe was finish thanks to the German’s armistice.
Today, for his anniversary, so many commemorations take place like the commemoration on theArlington National Cemetery. During this latter I meet the very famous pilot Francis Gabreski.I suggested him to tell me about his amazing story.

The New York Times: How did you becomea pilot? 10
When I was child, I dreamed to become a pilot like my father. So when I was 18, I joined the USAF ( the united states air force). After the pilot school, I decided tojoin the Eagle Squadrons of the RAF( royal air force)( The Eagle Squadrons were 3 fighter squadrons of the Royal Air Force formed during World War II with volunteer pilots from theUnited States.)
The NYT: I think your plane was shot down. What has you happening to you?13
Yes, it was. I was in mission, we has to destroy a landing field in Germany when Iwas shot down by a Messerschmitt 262 (a german plane).I was badly wounded but I ‘m lucky, a german priest Father Kraus helped me. He hid me in his bell tower and treated me.
TheNYT : Did he denounce you?4
At first, he would denounce at german authorities but I didn’t. And when the German patrol came in the church to found me, he did as if had never seenme.
The NYT: What do you think of the priest’s behavior?8
I think he is really courageous because he has taken risks.
The NYT : Risks?1
Yes, there was a reward for my capturebut anyone found helping me would be executed.
The NYT: What did you become after?
I return to Britain via France thanks to French resistance fighters. And I continued war withBritish until 1942 then with American army .
The NYT : What is Father Kraus up to these days?
Father Kraus is still priest in Germany. I see him each year when he go in the USA.
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