Research do students have sufficient funding for their life at staffordshire university?

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Do students have sufficient funding for their life at Staffordshire University?

Module title & number: Research Methods BLB00015-3-010909-310510

Proposal 4
Word count: 50 4
Literature review 4
‘You do not have to take out a loan. 4
The quote above 4
In relation to the quote 4
As in the discussion, 4
Word count: 391 4
Research philosophy, strategy andmethodology 5
The research 5
The strategy that will 5
The time horizon 5
As the data collection 5
Word count: 321 6
Ethical issues 6
Protection of the 6
Deception can cause 6
I have chosen to 7
Before the any questionnaire 7
As the second stage 7
Word count: 529 7
Analyse of data obtained 7
The pie chart above 8
(Chart results for question 5.a on the questionnaire,amount of loan received) 9
Word count: 376 9
Research evaluation 9
In consideration of making changes: 9
Combined together these two 9
Word count: 302 9


In this assignment I will be exploring the research of students within Staffordshire University and discussing it. The research question is ‘Do students have sufficient funding for their life at Staffordshire University’and the research objective is ‘To establish if students have the sufficient amount of funding that is necessary for their life at Staffordshire University’.

Word count: 50

Literature review

In line with the government policy a student has a number of loans that they are entitled to, such as the tuition fee, maintenance loan, grant and bursary. This is all based upon the student’shousehold income; this can change the amount a student receives.

‘You do not have to take out a loan. The latest statistics show that 55% of students used a loan last year. This compares with 28% in the first year of the student loan system. Whilst students are finding it increasingly difficult to manage without taking out a student loan, the decision not to do so is far from rare, as many make endsmeet via additional sources of finance.’ (Hesketh A. Page 15, 1996).

The quote above briefly describes that students in 1996 where starting to take out loans in order to have sufficient funds to live and study. But did have the choice not to take one out and make ends meet with additional finance sources, such as enrolling in a part time job while studying.

In relation to the quote ofstudents taking out loans, the negative side of discussion is where the contribution of funding sources from. ‘Regardless of the system, society or country, the costs of higher education must be shared by some combination of the following four sources of revenue: parents, students, taxpayers and institutions...’ (Woodhall M. Page 24, 1989). As the taxpayer’s money is invested into the loans forstudents the government spending affects other areas such as the NHS.

As in the discussion, students build up a sum of loan that contributors pay but may pay off in the long term. ‘The benefits to the student accrue in three main forms. First, he1 may enjoy the intellectual stimulus and social life of his years at university (a single-use consumption benefit). Second, his university education maywiden his horizons and awareness and so open up avenues of enjoyment throughout his life (a durable – use consumption benefit). Finally, and perhaps most important, as a result of extended education he will usually command much higher lifetime salary (an investment-type benefit).’ (page 14, Lewis A. Sandford C. Thomson N. The quote speaks for itself, as the student will graduate he/she will start toearn and pay back the loan with interest, and offers a high skilled worker in employment of the country.

Word count: 391

Research philosophy, strategy and methodology

The methodology that I will apply is interpretivism; this terminology is used by researchers to study motives, actions, and intentions. The data that is collected can be manipulated through interpretation and understood...
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