Review of the papers : france, full muslim veil ban's government bill and human rights

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Review of the papers:
France, full Muslim veil ban’s government bill and Human Rights

News papers articles picked up from:
Time of India (01-15-2010)
Washington Post (01-16-2010)
Al (01-27-2010)



For the second time since 2004 and the law banning headscarves from primary and secondary schools, the French Muslim community is under the spotlights and could be seriously facing, after the regional elections scheduled in March, another law which could restrain, according to some, their freedom to practice their religion. Indeed, a French parliamentary panelhas called the 26th January for a ban on Muslim women wearing the full Islamic veil in public institutions, including public transports.
After the President Nicolas Sarkozy’s remark during a parliament session in Versailles last June that such dress "is not welcome" in France, a parliamentary panel has been set to work in July on a six-month mission getting-together information on the garments.In the middle of January, Jean-Francois Cope, the head of Sarkozy's conservative UMP party in parliament's lower, realised draft legislation on a ban before even the panel report’s release. As the journalist from the “Times of India" reported : “No one may, in spaces open to the public and on public streets, wear a garment or an accessory that has the effect of hiding the face". The reasonsbrought by Copé and his coalition to explain such drastic measures are public security concern, arguing that in these dark ages of terrorism fear and battle, French authorities cannot allow people to hang out “anonymously” with a hidden face . But he also made it pretty clear during some TV appearances that he shares the President point of view about the incompatibility between such dress way , wish isaccording to him a window of French Islamism, and the French republic and constitutional values.
Much ink has been spilled nationally over the debate about the possible full veil ban law and has already spread to some extent to the others western countries facing a growing Muslim community such as United Kingdom or Canada. Arabic and Muslim media have also greatly discussed the matter, evensometimes on the headlines. The 26th of January, the parliamentary panel released its final report and recommended, among others things, to firstly ban fully veil dress in the public space including transports and also denied citizenship and residency to “anyone with visible sights of radical religious practice”. The national and international media immediately react to such announcement, followingby Muslim associations and personalities, French and European politicians, Human Rights defence association… The pros and cons are apparently opposing secularity values and freedom to practice and human rights principles. But at the end of the day, It will be up to the Constitutional Council, the body that rules on constitutional issues, to decide if rather or not the government bill of banningfull veil dress is unconstitutional or not. To analyse the international reactions provoked by such “hot” topic, we will compare newspaper articles dealing with the subject, from an Indian perspective (Times of India, founded in 1838, the most published English daily newspaper, the reference inside and outside the country), a north-American scope (Washington Post, founded in 1880, big right of centredaily newspaper known for its independence and its search for the truth ) and an Arabic and Muslim viewpoint (, website of an international and very popular Qatari TV channel, commonly nicknamed the Arabic CNN). For more efficiency in the analysis, 2 (Times of India & Washington Post) of the 3 articles are dated before the parliamentary panel report release and the last one...
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