Rip curl

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MINI PROJECT 2007 Anders Heden & Jane McAndrew

GROUP 4 CHAUHAN Rakesh Singh IHSAQ Ahsan PAL Rudrajeet PERRIE Anne-Cécile

15 Nov 2007

‡ ‡ ‡ Today : great place in the world-wide market of clothing. Why Rip Curl? Because it is a potential brand of surf-wear capable to be a market leader in a highly competitive business environment. Competitors : - Quicksilver, a world leader - Billabong who is close to Rip Curl - Squalo, new on the French market Assignment: - Possible information sourcing of Rip Curl and its 3 competitors. - Strategic planning related to purchase, assortment and distribution; - SWOT analysis - Establishment of a developmental proposed strategy plan.  Methods: - intensive Internet search, - collective reasoning from the information - contact with a commercial from Rip Curl France, Mr. Markus Hietamaki, and Business Manager of Squalo France Mr. Perrié Jean-Damien,

Industry Definition
Designing & producing new products; distribution, marketing and brand building of functional surf-wear clothing (wetsuits) for active-minded people driven from a board riding heritage for men in French market.

Industry Description
‡ Multi-million dollar industry worth US$13 billion a year ‡ Worldwide 20 million practitioners and growing steadily ‡ European market valued at around ½550 million and growing approximately 15% per cent a year.

Turnover surf wear market (2000)-France

The Value Chain
 Manufacturer Segment Sourcing from China, India, Taiwan ,South Korea, Vietnam  Wholesale segment Quicksilver, Billabong, Squalo  Retail Segment Surf shops, Licensees, Specialty stores, Hypermarkets, Factory outlets, Supermarkets, Internet,

Five Force Model


 Business Idea ‡ ‡ Sports wear apparel and main focus is on surf wear products like wetsuits, surfboard and accessories. Company for surfers by the surfers and offering products to complete their search or

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