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Good morning, welcome to everybody. My name is Guillaume and his name is Julien. The objective of our presentation today is to show you the link between business and sport.
Ok to begin I’d like to look at the plan of our presentation: we will speak about the business and sport.
Don’t hesitate, feel free to interrupt us while the presentation. We will take 15 minutes and we divided the talk into 2 parts: the sport mondialisation and the sport business.
Julien can start with the first part.
OK that’s everything on part 1, I will now move on to last part: the sport business. There are two questions to look at here: firstly what think about the actual situation and then see the drift linked to sport business.

I) First, nowadays, we notice the reign of the money in the sport. Indeed, the money is everywhere, for the advertising, sponsoring, transfers in the football, the salaries etc. …
Let us take the example of the football and the last world cup.
For example lords of the last world cup, 390 000: in euro, the amount of the bonus which was promised to the players of the French team in case of final victory.

695 000 - The number of jobs generated in South Africa by the organization of the World cup
135 million euro, the budget dedicated to the safety of the World with 41.000 policemen specially spread for the event. Cristiano Ronaldo's transfer.
In past, numerous players were amateur, and the clubs of football arranged few financial means.
An example: when a player as Carlos Bianci was transferred to the psg in the sixties, the amount of the transfer amounted to 1 million francs; the supporters even helped to finance this transfer.
Today the biggest transfer of the history represents a 94 million euro amount (it’s interesting to note that it’s 615 times more)
Furthermore, the sums in game are as high as two phenomena appeared during the recent years: the initial public offering of certain clubs and the investments of big

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