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Barack Obama


Barack Hussein Obama, a Democrat, is the 44th president of the United States elected in 2009. He is the 1st African American to hold the office. After winning 52% of the votes against the Republican John McCain, Barack Obama took up his functions on January 10th 2009. He became President, in troubled times; there were, and still are 2 wars, with Iraq and Afghanistan, the crisis in Middle East as well as the current financial crisis and the economic recession.

His prestige before the election

1 A hope of change

1 A solution to the economic crisis

The economy in 2008 was in tatters and there were already 2 wars abroad. Barack Obama’s team wanted to show that if he won the election he would be considered as a transition between the previous presidents over the past 75 years. In October 2008 42% of the French, British and Germans thought that Barack Obama would be the best president of the United States to fight against the current financial crisis. Barack Obama became important for the crisis owing to the fact that 52% of the ABC subscribers said that economy is their principal preoccupation and 50% said that they worry about the crisis. So the crisis and the anxiety that it fosters benefited Barack Obama.

2 A turn in history

Whereas the United States were considered as a country where there had been discrimination for so many years, Barack Obama is the first African American to hold office. So he is symbolizes change for every American who had been subjected to discrimination. He is approved by all the Americans who dream of having a “pluriculturalist” president. His father was Kenyan and Barack Obama pointed out to a new America and that he drew his inspiration from reality and the two-party foreign policy of Bush, Kennedy and sometimes that of Reagan. On October 9, 2009, Obama was awarded the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize.

3 the hope about the army

Barack Obama promised to stop the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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