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Our commercial will be done in the form of comparison. It will compare the artisanal manufacturing of shoes and digitized manufacturing.
* Description of the two typesproductions:

* Artisanal production: Taking measurement is most tiresome. The shoe-maker takes measurements of the foot thanks to foot mark taken in cement or clay, the prototype, wood cuttingswood,…

* Digitized manufacturing: Taking of measurement is done in 3D thanks to numerical program. The latter is precise and fast, it is done in maximum two minutes.

Pauline: From outside, thePrecision shop resembles an up-market shoe shop.
However this shoe shop is different from the other shoe shops.
Behind this traditional shop is hidden an innovative shop.
In this shoe store formen and women, the models are very original but their manufacturing is a concentrated new technologies.

Nel: You are in Antwerp, in the middle of the Precision shop. We see someone who is havinghis measurements taken with a 3D scanner.
This machine makes it possible to tailor-make shoes and to industrialize the process.
The feet of the customer are initially scanned and digitized in threedimensions. This kind of company is single in Belgium. The digitizing software is German and industrial know-how is Italian.

* Kali: 1st step: The numerical measurements of each foot in takenwith Scan Precision. It is a precise and fast measurement since two minutes are enough to visualize in 3D the model of your feet.

* Kali: 2nd step: The test of compressibility: It is theessential stage to validate the proportion calculated mathematically according to the virtual image with the real sensitivity of your feet. For that, the Precision advisers will make you test shoes of toassess your feet sensitivity

* Sabrina: 3rd step: Personalized Order : You will choose the model within the Precision range. Your measurements are sent to the production company which carries...
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