Sexual harassment

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Sexual harassment does not exist: it was invented by female employees to get control of their workplace


I. Arguments.

II. The facts.

III. The debate.

IV. “Why it’s polemical?”

V. Vocabulary.

VI. Examples of sexual harassment.

A. Russia.

B. The large US trials.

VII. Questions.

VIII. Factual questions.

IX. Bibliography.


I. Arguments:

● Sexual harassment is used by women to be respected at their workplaces: -Fear, pressure. -Sense of power, domination. -Mutual consent to have sex with a boss for getting a promotion.

● Women can pretext that there was sexual harassment, because man doesn’t succumb to her advances.

● Men become victims because of positive discrimination. What’s more, woman’s dress can sometimes, added to their behavior, lead men into error.

● If it took place outside the workplace, women do not take as sexual harassment.

● Sexual harassment frequently suffered by woman and denied by the author.

● Although women are increasingly guilty, they are the ones who suffer most from sexual or moral harassment.

● A lot of psychological consequences: anxiety, depression, humiliation, helplessness, confusion, embarrassment, fear, intimidation, hopelessness, self-blame, stress, anger, loss of self-esteem, shame, suicidal thoughts, poor concentration, insecurity, isolation, feeling of marginality.

● If they refuse the advances of their boss, the price to pay for women is very high : unfair evaluations, bad references, a professional record altered, the refusal of employment opportunities, promotion or training, the obligation to leave his employment, dismissal, loss of income, sick leave may then happen, a long-term disability, worries about the future, financial insecurity, difficulties or an inability to find another job because of lack of confidence ...


II. The Facts:


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