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Special terms in O&O and their definition:


It refers to large outsourcing agreements, as a framework to enable different part of a business to be sourcedfrom different suppliers. It requires a governance model that communicate strategy, clearly defines responsibility[1].


It refers to a business practice where aservice is performed by both staff inside the company and also by an external service provider.[2]

Ex: Example of co-sourcing for a client is outsourcing part of softwaredevelopment activities to an external organization, while keeping part of the development in-house.


It refers to the shift of employment between urban to rurallocations.[3]

Ex: For example, the British Broadcasting Corporation is relocating lots of jobs to Manchester. With the growth in the IT market, more firms are looking to get out ofLondon and into places like Manchester and Scotland.[4]


It refers the transfer of service industry employment from offices to home based employees withappropriate telephone and Internet facilities.[5]

Ex: For example, a software company offers customer technical support via employees who work in their homes.[6]


Itrefers to the process of defining the best location to move manufacturing, IT or business processes for a company.[7]
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