State in transition and corruption. comparative analysis

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State in transition and corruption. Comparative analysis. [1]

The government and public administration’s fundamental mission is the one of serving the public interest. The citizens wish that the public servants do their duty in an honest, correct and impartial way. More and more, is compulsory for the administration to take measures so that the public servants could not discredit the process of taking the official and public administration decisions through the interests and their personal relations. In the conditions in which the society demands are higher and higher, the governmental measures concerning the decrease of the corruption are due to be more and more concise and efficient.
The corruption represents a threat for democracy, for the supremacy of right, of social equity and justice, erodes the principles of an efficient administration, undermines the market economy and endangers the stability of state institutions.
With a history of thousand of years, beginning as far back as antiquity, the corruption represents one of the behavioral models among most bad, but, in the same time, extremely prevalent among the officials and the selected representatives of the community. In the last century, corruption refers also to the behavior of those working in the private area. Although there are numberless of studies concerning this theme, by now, one cannot come up to a universal valid definition and unanimous accepted, carry to cover all the papers and the possible facts and which to constitute in any jurisdiction actions of corruption.

1. The definition of the corruption

The majority of authors consider that one single definition, generically valid, cannot be given to this phenomenon. In the Romanian language, the term is known with the sense of ”obliquity from the morality, as an act of infringement of the social limits”.[2] The term of corruption drifts from the Latin “coruptio, -onis”, which means obliquity from the morality,

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