Sujet d'anglais 2010

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Le sujet

1. Who is the main character?
2. In which country was he born? Justify by quoting from the text.
3. Explain how the main character is connected to the following places:a) Langford
b) Winchester
c) Calcutta
d) Delhi
e) Massachusetts
4. What do we learn about his parents (origin, occupation, social status)?
5. What consequences did the father's job have on thelife of his family?
6. In your own words, explain to what extent Langford was a new experience to the main
character. Justify by quoting at least five details from the text. (40-50 words)
7. (ll.35-36) "… he had slipped as best as he could into this world, …". Explain the sentence in
your own words.
8. Why had his parents chosen Langford for him? (30-40 words)
9. (l. 39) "Still, he refusedto forgive them". Comment on the sentence and explain the
character’s feelings. (30-40 words)
10. Translate from "From Langford …" (l.10) to "… used to going." (l.14)
Les candidatschoisiront de traiter l'UN des deux sujets au choix.
1. At the end of his first semester at Langford, Amit writes a letter to his parents,
pretending he is happy. (300 words)
2. Should parents interferewith their children’s choices? (300 words)



1- The main character is Amit.
2- He was born in Massachusetts, USA.
l. 22-23 : “Amit was the only Indian student andpeople always assumed that he'd been born and raised in that country and not in Massachusetts.”
3- a) Langford : where he went to school since the age of 15
b) Winchester : where he went to high schoolc) Calcutta : where he had lived before his parents had moved in Delhi and where all his relatives are still living.
d) Delhi : where his parents live and where he went to spend holidays with themfor Christmas and after the end of each academic year
e) Massachusetts : Where he was born
4- His parents are Indian. They are wealthy. His father is a doctor, probably an ophthalmologist.
5- All...
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