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Introduction to leadership studies

You may have been acting as a leader and/or as a follower at the time. Describe the situation.
In 2005 and 2006, I was counselor in a summer camp in North Carolina, USA. First, I was tennis teacher for young people aged from 6 to 14. I had to make them respect me and the different values that sport can teach. On the other hand, I had to take care of the children of my accommodation. These people were really young, they were 7, so I had to use my competence to make them obey to the different rules of the camp and to the different rules imposed by community life. According to the Follower's Readiness Levels, I would say that my leadership experience matches with the moderate low level since the follower was highly motivated but uncertain of task. 1) To what extent do you feel that you demonstrated “competence” and “commitment”?
During these two months in USA, living with young people, I had many times demonstrate that I was there to apply the rules, so I also hadb to use my authority to punish the campers. Moreover, in this case, being a leader, it’s also show the example; consequently I also had to respect the good function of the camp and the rules so as to show how important they were.

2) Following on from your understanding of “development level of followers”, consider the style of leadership which, according to the model, would have been most appropriate. How does this compare to what actually happened in practice in terms of leadership style?
According to the “development level of followers”, I would say that this experience matches with the level “telling/directing”. Indeed, this level seems to be the most appropriate because of the youth of the people around me who were not enough adult to assume their own responsibilities. In addition, these people were not always very motivated or invested in the activities whereas the aim of the camp was they had fun.

3) How does your own practical experience of

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