What leaders should really do

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What leaders really do

Leadership and management are two distinctive and complementary systems of action, both are necessary to success in an increasingly complex and volatile businessenvironment
Leadership is setting a new direction or vision for a group that they follow; leader is the spearhead for that new direction
Management controls or directs people, resources ina group according to principles or values that have already been established.
The difference between leadership and management can be illustrated by considering what happens when you haveone without the other.
Leadership without management
Sets a direction or vision that others follow, without considering too much how the new direction is going to be achieved. Otherpeople then have to work hard in the trail that is left behind, picking up the pieces and making it work.
Management without leadership
Controls resources to maintain the status or ensurethings happen according to already-established plans. A referee manages a sports game, but does not usually provide "leadership" because there is no new change, no new direction - the refereeis controlling resources to ensure that the laws of the game are followed and status quo is maintained.
Leadership combined with management
Does both - it both sets a new direction andmanages the resources to achieve it.
The absence of leadership and management is not to be confused with participatory or facilitative management, which can be a very effective form ofleadership
Also the absence of leadership should not be confused with the type of leadership that calls for “no action” to be taken. For example, Gandhi's calls for protests to stop demonstratedgreat leadership, because taking no action was a new direction for the Indian people at that time.

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What leaders really do

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