The alcopops market in uk

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Alcopops are flavoured and sweet alcoholic beverages served in small bottles also known as Flavoured Alcoholic Beverages (FABs), or Ready to Drink (RTDs). They were introduced in 1995 in the UK with the launch of Britain’s first alcopop drink called Hooch. The success of Hooch soon stimulated the introduction of other brands such as Smirnoff Ice, Red Square, Archers Aqua, Bacardi Breezer, WKD and Vodka Reef. (Thomson and Boyd, 2009,pp.1) Nowadays, the United Kingdom is the largest FABs market in Europe, worth $2.9 billion. Some 60% of all alcopop drinks sold in Europe is bought by United Kingdom drinkers who guzzle an average of 5.16 litres per head each year. (London net, 2008)

I. Bacardi Breezer in the United Kingdom

Bacardi Breezer was launched in 1995 in the United Kingdom, three years after its successful launch in the USA. At the beginning, it was a pioneer in the flavoured alcoholic beverages market but with time it lost market share as new entrants penetrated the market. Now Bacardi Breezer is on the third place after WKD, with almost a third of the UK FABs market, and Smirnoff Ice. (Euromonitor, 2009a) Bacardi Breezer is still a strong company although the alcopop market is declining. The entire market is worth £1.1billion, of which Bacardi Breezer UK is valued at £160 millions. Since the launch in 1995 Bacardi Breezer has sold more than 49 million cases and continues to sell more than 270 000 bottles per day. (Bacardi Breezer, 2005a)
The beverage is made by mixing Bacardi rum, fruit juice and sparkling water, depending on which colour the cocktail you are drinking is.
A variety of flavour can be found: Cranberry, Watermelon, Lime, Orange, Pineapple, and Raspberry. Not so common

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