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The Toyota’s history
Toyota Motor Corporation commonly known simply as Toyota is an automaker TNC, where this headquarters takes place in the city of Toyota in Japan. Itwas founded in august 28th 1936 by Kiichiro TOYODA.
In financial difficulties, the company will be saved from bankruptcy by the conflict between the Japanese to the Chinese. In 1945, the U.S.government forced Toyota to abandon car production to concentrate on those trucks. The Korean War enabled the company to inflate its backlog and early 50s, Toyota had enough money to start again in theproduction of light vehicles. This new strategic focus is translated quickly landmark successes in 1957 as the Corona and Corolla in 1966.
Nowadays Toyota Motor Corporation is the second largestautomaker worldwide, given its range, one of the largest in the world, stretching from the Town Car at large "trucks". Now it possesses a F1 team racing.

Toyota Corolla to 1975 from 1978
Some informationabout Toyota
Headquarter in Toyota city
Industry: Automotive, Robotics, Financial, services, and Biotechnology.
Headquarters: Toyota City, Aichi, Japan
Area served: Worldwide
Products:Automobiles and Financial Services
Turnover: $ 204,106 billion (in 2009)
Workforce: 321 710 (in 2010)
The global organization of Toyota

A global network
The strategic centreLocal centre with development
A global production
* factory
Area’s share in the global production (in %)
A global trade
- - area trade
Country which has commercial agency
Area’sshare in the global sales
A TNC is a company which manages its production and delivers its services in at least two countries. So we can notice that Toyota is present in each continent in theproduction, in the sale and in the research, so we can say Toyota is a globalized firm.
Japan is the country of origin to Toyota, so Toyota brings in Japan a lot of fund to allow the development in Japan....
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