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Do you think they should ban people from smoking in public places?

I can’t say my opinion with “Yes, I think so” or “No, I don’t think so” because I agree with both and I could explain them below.

On one hand, I think that they should ban people from smoking in public places because the smokers are more than 60% from the population. When they smoke they pollute the environment and the health of the other people. I think the nature is the most beautiful thing in the world and it doesn’t deserve to be polluted. It is demonstrated that one passive smoker is as affected by cigarettes as one active smoker. To smoke in a public places it doesn’t speak well for one person. For instance, when you see a woman smoking in front of a shop you will say something like that: “Why does this woman is smoking there? Does she know that this is ugly and does she know that with cigarette in her hand in a public place she looks out of place?” Indeed, she doesn’t know how she looks and she doesn’t care because she has never thought about this. The only thing she wants is to satisfy her nicotine hunger. If they ban people from smoking in public places the smokers will not disturb the non-smokers. For example, when I go to café with some friends and I am the only one who is non-smoker, the smoke irritates me and then I have a headache. I really don’t like this but what should I do?

On the other hand, I think they shouldn’t ban people from smoking in public places because it will be uncomfortable for the smokers. In other words, when you are in a café and you want to light a cigarette you have to go out of the café and smoke there. When the winter comes they will be freezing outside. In this way the cafes and the restaurants will lose their clients. If they don’t want to lose them they will have to solve the problem.

To sum up, both thesis have good and bad sides. I think in Bulgaria it is impossible to ban people from smoking in public places because our country

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