What are the most important traits of today's successful leaders?

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Mini-Literature Review
Managerial Research Methods & Design MBA XXX
Concordia University
Spring 2010

Introduction The rapid wealth of top money managers and financiers has spurred my curiosity to understand the world of investment. Especially the world of investment banking, which seems to be a different world of its own, has received not only sharp criticism lately, but applause as well. So, a keen inclination toward studying investment banking will all its beauties and ugliness took birth. Moreover the success and failure of leaders have sharpened our curiosity to mainly understand what characterizes a great leader. In a sense, the question that inspired this mini literature review is: What are the most important traits of today’s successful leaders? According to our research, two general themes among many others have been repeatedly identified and will be the main composite of this paper. In this instance the fist focus will be vision. This section will detail what vision encompassed and its significance for a leader. Secondly, the function of a leader will be expounded upon. This part embodied the different abilities and skills of a leader.

Researchers have studied leadership from a variety of perspective. Finding this unique set of skills that scientifically can prove or disprove a person as a prospective leader is still difficult. Nonetheless a couple a determining factors have spurred during the years and compel researchers to precisely identify them as a necessity toward greatness.

Vision Leaders are visionaries, there are concerned about substance. Throughout a careful consideration of the overall picture of the organization, they maintain the organizational purpose and create hope for a better future. Visionary leaders are people creating new ideas, new policies, and new methodologies. They changed the core metabolism of the organization. They are seen as architect. They develop a good sense of calculative

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