What does christmas represent to you ?

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Worldwide more than two billion people celebrate Christmas every year. Some countries like China don't know this party or some country doesn’t celebrate Christmas because itisn't in their religion. This festival is expected each year by many people especially children. But, we can ask us, what does Christmas represent for us?

- ForChristians it is the birth of Jesus, the son of God and "Savior waited" announced by the prophets.
- It is a party with religious origins. Christmas allows believers to find all theMass and to share this celebration with God.
- When we were children, Christmas was for us a magical celebration. This celebration is synonymous with gifts, clementines andchocolate. We all waited with impatience the arrival of this great man with a white beard and a long red coat that we called Father Christmas. The happiness was to receivehis gifts as expected.
- Christmas is also a party where the family together. They are people in our family who live far who come we see thanks this festival. This is anopportunity to reconnect with people who were distant from us.
- This party also allows those who felt only to see their families, their friends and feel surrounded.
- Butnowadays, Christmas is becoming more and more a commercial holiday. Christmas has become synonymous with sales, advertising and gifts. The people did not think about the magic ofChristmas and its original reason of the birth of Jesus.
- For me, Christmas will always be primarily a festival where we us find with our family to spend some time togetherand share the magic of Christmas. The festival never will before the happiness of being with family and magic in the eyes of children who still believe in Father Christmas.
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