What is philosophy

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What is philosophy and why should anyone study it?
It is difficult to define what exactly philosophy is. Literally, it means “love of wisdom”
and as Psychology is the study of the human mind andbehavior, Philosophy is the study based
on the matters such as truth, knowledge, existence and reality. It is divided in many disciplines
such as: epistemology which is concerned with the natureof knowledge; metaphysics which is
the study of nature of being and worldwide, and ethics also known as “ moral standard,” which is
interested on the way people act. Philosophy raises manyquestions that make all certainties
vacillate. Study philosophy can be very stimulating, it can help people think more effectively and
broad one’s intellectual horizon.
Study philosophy is stimulatingbecause it raised questions that no one has the right or
wrong answer. In his branch call epistemology, it raises the question such as how do I know
that? What is true? What I think I know do Ireally know it? The ethic raises questions such as
how should I behave? Do we always have to say the truth? While metaphysics raise questions as
Who am I? Why do I exist? The desire to find theanswers to those questions become an
intellectual quest that one must satisfy. Learning philosophy will provide us tools that help us to
formulate answers to any sorts of questions while keeping ourmind open to others opinion’.
Add to that, Henry Thoreau said: “To know that we know what we know, and that we do not
know what we do not know, that is true knowledge.”
Also, philosophy whichis the search of truth through reasoning, gives us the ability to
think critically and build up our own ideas. As an example, there is many false beliefs which
have become truth for many of usbecause they have being taught to us by our parents, friends
or neighbors. We have never taken the time to verify the information or think about it. One
example of those beliefs is the...
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