Wine swot analysis

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These days, all the companies adopt strategic planning tool to evaluate its positions in the local and global market. To gain the satisfaction of its clients, Chateau Ksara, uses the SWOT analysis toidentify the key internal and external factors that are important to achieving its objectives.
1- Opportunities of the wine market in Lebanon:
Wine is a popular and important beverage thataccompanies and enhances a wide range of Mediterranean-style cuisines, from the simple and traditional to the most sophisticated and complex. The wine industry is composed of a large amount of companiesall around the world. The market size is big, with high revenues. Exports have being increasing representing a fast growth of the market which is concentrated in some countries around the world. In theMiddle East, Lebanon is among the oldest sites of wine production. Recently, the sector has been witnessing an unprecedented growth. The number of wineries went from 5 in 1998 to over 30 nowadays.But, for almost a century, three vineyards dominate the market: Ksara, Musar, Kefraya. Winemaking in Lebanon is a big business, more than 4 million bottles each year.
Chateau Ksara has a strongposition on the local market, with 70% of all the country’s production. This situation makes it difficult for small and new competitors to enter in the market. Distributors will be more willing to dobusiness with a better known brand than a new small one that just entered in the global market.
In order to give a voice to Lebanon’s wine producers, a number of Lebanese producers gathered to form the“Union Vinicole du Liban” which bring them in one harmonized entity and defend their interests. The UVL aims as well at providing answers to interrogations that are related to Lebanese wine exports to itsmarkets. It is to be noted that Lebanon’s wine exports are twice as much as its wine imports, which correspond today to 38% of its local wine production, and still going strong.
Today, efforts are...
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