Winning strategy of carrefour

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The winning strategy of Carrefour :

Carrefour to supplant his competitor Wal-Mart

In front of Wal-Mart, what strategic step allows Carrefour to be imperative on the market of the mass-market distribution in China?




1. Presentation

1. Mission, work

2. Competition Walmart-Carrefour

3. Domination of Carrefour

2. Analysis of the environment

1. Method Pestel : study of macro environment

2. The five Forces of Porter

3. Diagnostic of the firm

1. Chain of value

2. SWOT analysis



Before becoming number 1 in Europe and the world number 2 in the sector of the mass-market distribution, Carrefour was a family company. Two brothers, Marcel and Denis Defforey allied to the family Fournier create in 1963 the very first supermarket in Annecy. Inspired by the American model, the success is immediate.

Ambitious group which becomes international from 1969 in Belgium, and lists on the Stock Exchange in 1970. In ten years, the family Carrefour company became an international group quoted in stock exchange. Its growth and its development allowed to increase quickly its importance on markets to be conquered.

Present for more than 10 years in China, Carrefour benefits of the emergence of a consumer society very large scale. To satisfy the Chinese consumers, Carrefour leans on a strategic approach certainly mastered - Carrefour makes well its profession for fifty years - but which requires a particular attention on the specificity of the local demand. The sector of the large distribution is in strong growth in China. The massive and increasing concentration of populations in cities creates a need of large-scale trade spaces. The main competition of Carrefour on the market of the large distribution is the American giant Walmart.

Increase in importance of the group Carrefour in China:

Present since 1995 on the

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