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Fragrance in detergents and household products
Fragrance compounds are used to provide scent to everyday detergents and householdcleaning products. One fragrance compound can theoretically contain dozens of different fragrance ingredients. However, on average, approximately fifty fragrance ingredients are used in a fragrancecompound providing the scent to a household or detergent product. Fragrance compounds are generally conceived around three basic components: the head note (also know as the ‘top note’), the heart note andthe base note. The role of the head note is to stimulate the individual’s senses and draw them to the fragrance. The effect is instant but fleeting due to the rapid evaporation rate. Citrus and gingerscents are commonly used as top notes. The heart note is the body of the fragrance. It forms the true character of a scent and will last a long time. In the heart note flower accords are often usedsometimes combined with woody and spicy notes. Base notes are rich and heavy in scent. They form the base of the fragrance and give it its backbone and longevity. Typical base note components oftenbelong to the balsamic, musky or vanilla family. Scents in household cleaning products and detergents make an essential contribution to the sense of well-being of consumers – and also to productidentity. Different scent variations bring out different associations that can be very individual. Users should notice the scent when opening the package, when using the product, or after cleaning or washingtheir laundry. The challenge for manufacturers is to guarantee an equally good scent experience at all stages of the product’s use. Fragrance compounds in household cleaning and detergent, productsmust offer more than just a pleasant smell, they must in addition be stable in all conditions of use and in combination with the other product ingredients. They must also cover the intrinsic smells of...
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