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LThe Advantages of a Two-handed Forehand in Tennis

1. Greater Power
With both hands on the racquet handle, you are forced to turn your left shoulder (if right handed) when preparing to hit a forehand. You will hit the ball with greater force because with that shoulder turn all of your upper torso will be behind the shot.

Also, the two-handed forehand is more forgiving. You can hit the ball late, off balance and without good weight transfer, or off center and not lose power due to the extra force generated by using both hands, both arms, both shoulders, and all of the upper torso.

You can also generate additional power using the wrists, without sacrificing control.

2. Greater Control
With two hands you can not only use your wrists for added power, but also for determining the direction of the shot by orienting the face at impact. Players with two-handed forehands are frequently known for hitting shots at incredible angles.

Also, it is easier to hit with topspin with the additional strength of two hands.

3. It’s Easier to Learn
The two-handed stroke is easier to “groove” (hit consistently) and keep grooved than a one-handed stroke. Without the extra controlling presence of the nondominant arm, there is much greater potential for unwanted motion both horizontally and vertically.

Also, because two-handed strokes from each side are identical, the learning that occurs on one side will serve to reinforce the learning that takes place with the other stroke.

4. Reduced Susceptibility to Injury
When both arms are used, the shock of the impact is dispersed over twice as much bone and muscle, leading to a significant decrease in the trauma to a single muscle or tendon. If you have a chronic injury that greatly limits your enjoyment and effectiveness, or has forced you to give up the game entirely, why not try hitting with both hands? What have you got to lose?

5. Volleys are More Powerful
The two-handed volley lends itself to be hit

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