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Table des matières
Introduction 3
Problematic 4
I)Presentation of L’Occitane 5
History 5
Values 6
Authenticity & Naturalness 6
Effectiveness & Pleasure 6
Respect & Responsibility 6
Continuous Improvement, Openness and Enterprise 7
II] Mix marketing: 4P 8
L’Occitane’s commitment to “BIO” 12
Packaging Guidelines 14
TheAdvertising campaign of L’Occitane in Provence 23
The company goes beyond usual communication 24
Communication Strategies with Japan, China and the USA. 26
III) International LinkS 37
1) How is « Provence » perceived abroad? 37
2) Reasons for its success: Does it work? And how? 37
Conclusion 39


This study concerns a French company, moreover the choice wasdifficult. At first, we thought of world-famous companies, generally in the luxury sector. But our final choice was L’Occitane en Provence. This company is hardly known at all, because of their unusual strategy: contrary to one of its main competitors, Yves Rocher, L’Occitane en Provence distances itself by its positioning as well as its concept which is based on natural ingredients. NeverthelessL’Occitane en Provence has managed to implant its concept beyond the French borders. We shall thus study the strategy of L’Occitane en Provence: we shall then present the company, and study their "4P"s. We will end our analysis on their international report, and the way it exports its concept.


How does L’Occitane use its
Provencal image abroad?

Therefore how can L’Occitane,
- soa French company -,
find its place on the foreign markets? (the cases of United-States, Japan, China, India)

I)Presentation of L’Occitane

L’Occitane is a brand which makes cosmetics with plants. The company uses natural ingredients and produces in Provence, as its name indicates it. Such as: Shea butter, olive, roses, lavender, immortelle, almond, cherry blossom, andverbena.


Key dates:
1976: Olivier Baussan buys a still, makes his first product with essentials oils, and sells them on the market of Provence.
1980/1981: The first l’Occitane factory and store open in Volx, Provence.
1992: L’Occitane opened his first store in Paris
1996: L’Occitane opened these first stores in Hong Kong and New York
2001: The first l’Occitane spa opens in SaoPaulo.
2002: International launch of the Immortelle range.

L’Occitane began by proposing 3 different ranges: Lavender range, Immortelle range, Olive range. What explains their most know image.
Olivier Baussan added then Cherry blossom range in 2007.

The Occitane

L’Occitane is the inhabitant of L’Occitanie, province of Languedoc. It is also a Romanic language, spoken mainly in thesouth of France. The language is spoken in 33 French departments.
Olivier Baussan created L’Occitane because he was fascinated by this region of Provence. In 1994, an Austrian businessman added “En Provence” to insist on the origin of the products.


Authenticity & Naturalness

Behind every L'Occitane bottle is a traceable origin and land, producers with exacting standards, andtechniques inherited from the traditions of Provence – or elsewhere. To find the ingredients that will go into its formulas, L'Occitane looks to nature, exploring the principles of phytotherapy and aromatherapy.

Effectiveness & Pleasure

It creates patented complexes and test each of their products under dermatological and medical supervision to ensure both a visible effect and optimum safety. Fromits texture to its fragrance, a L'Occitane product always offers a delicious moment of well-being and sensory delight. Their marketing of selling point returns the more pleasant purchase, via the staff and the atmosphere of stores.

Respect & Responsibility

L'Occitane is committed to limiting the environmental impact of their actions and products, to improving the well-being of both their...
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